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The Love Bug (1968)

Herbie is a car – but no ordinary car. The story follows the Volkswagon Beetle with a mind of its own from the showroom to the race track, with various close escapes in between.

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    well done, love what you are doing with screencaps, but have you though about putting on any of the old tv shows such as friends 1997, as well as the 1964 addams family. please do add soon the mask of zorra 1999, the 1995 little princess, the 1989 batman as well as the 1991 admas family

    • 2

      Thanks! I’ve added your requested movies to my ToDo List. With regards to TV shows, I’m not doing them, no. There’s plenty of other cap sites out there that do TV shows – they take SO much time to do, I just wouldn’t be able to keep up with the requests, I think. Hence the name of the site – Movie Screencaps! ;)

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